Pigment MIX


Pigment MIX is a high quality, modern, universal regular range of high concentrated pigments for interior and exterior use. Liquid form of pigments makes them easy to mix with paint, lacquer or varnish.

When used for tinting:
• water-based wall paints, it gives rich range of colours, from pastel up to high vivid colours (home decorating and renovation)
• water-based paints for wood, metal, plastics (doors, furniture, windows, etc.)
• water-based and solvent-based lacquers, it gives a colourful and transparent finish.
• priming emulsions, it facilitates uniform spreading of this product and increases its covering and hiding capacity.
• grout renovator, it freshens or changes grout’s colour.

Ideally for tinting all water-based paints and most solvent-based ones like alkyd, phthalic, nitro and chlorinated rubber ones.

Home decorating – just add to white wall paint, stir well and do your own colour.

Intensity of a colour depends on the amount of pigment added and on the type of paint used. Unrestricted combinations of Pigment MIX pigments are possible, which enables its user to create their own unique colouring solutions. All these pigments are suitable for interior use, and some are also recommended for exterior use.

Packaging: 80 ml plastic bottles.
Performance: depending on expected colour intensity.
Number of colours: 29.
Warranty: 36 months.
Use: water-based paints; solvent-based paints; lacquers; priming emulsions; grout, gypsum
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