MIX-BUD MAX is a range of water-based high concentrated pigment dispesions. The pigments are intended to use with exterior paints, concerates, plasters. They give homogeneous dispersion of paint, plaster or concrete. The highest durable factor for outdoor enviroment, like UV index, and high durability for alkalies make them the best choice for most outdoor applications in construction industry like paints, coats, plasters, concretes.

Add pigment directly into paint, plaster, concreate, etc and stir well. Intensity of a colour depends on the amount of pigment added to paint, coats, plaster, concreate. Unrestricted combinations of colour with MIX-BUD Max pigments are possible, which enables its user to create their own unique colouring solutions. All these pigments are suitable for exterior use, however interior application is also possible.

The best important features:
• high UV index
• high alkali durability
• easy to apply
• homogeneous dispersions
• free of harmfull components (VOC, APEO)
• 20 standart colours to choose and plenty intermediates

Packaging: 500 ml bottle
Shelf life: 36 months (if not opened)
Number of colours: 20

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