Lamix is ready to use impregnator designed for protecting grout between glazed and terracotta tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools etc.

Lamix gives protective seal on surface against dirt and makes them easy to clean.

It works perfectly well as an impregnate for cobblestones, bricks, granite and other natural stones. It creates an invisible barrier without changing colours of impregnated surfaces. It ideally protects from greases, oils, dampness, dirt and mildew. It can be used both on interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and around them. Grout between tiles in bathroom and kitchen: It gives protective seal for grout between tiles against dirt. Very easy in use, gives invisible, transparent layer. It gives very good protection from greases, oils, dampness, dirt and mildew. It’s very easy to keep clean surfce after application. We recommend applying two layers.

Packaging: 250 ml
Recommended number of layers: 2
Shelf life: 36 onths (if not opened).




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