Fugaremix export_2013

A white single component preparation in a bottle with an applicator tip guaranteeing a high quality coating. The product is based on modern artificial resins, titanium dioxide, fillers and modifying agents. It is much easier to restore the perfect appearance of old grouts, than you imagine. Because the „classic pen” is not efficient, therefore we propose this solution. FUGAREMIX – easy in usage and gives perfect finish. Perfect appearance stays for a long time. It could be used with our pigments. Fugaremix coat layer also repells dirt and mould.

Fugaremix is designed for renovating grout between glazed, terracotta and mosaic tiles with glazed or other non-porous surfaces. It perfectly mixes with our pigments. Thanks to this property, it is easy to recreate a current colour of grout or to change its colour or shade. For interior (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, corridors) and exterior use. Selection of colours is facilitated by an approximate colour master placed on their packages. Users can create their own colours by mixing various pigments.

Very easy in use, gives the perfect fresh finish. For white colour please use only ready to use Fugaremix, for colour effect add 5-10 ml of pigment (see Pigment-Mix) For additional protection we recomend Lamix impregnat. It protects from greases, oils, dampness, dirt and mildew. (Lamix – see our other products) Packaging: 100 ml Performance: about 10-14 square metres depending on grout width and size of tiles. Recommended number of layers: 2 Shelf life: 18 months (if not opened).



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